• We would like to book a session with you, how do we do that?

First of all, thank you so much for considering me to take your portraits of your newborn/child/family/etc. I would love to talk with you about scheduling a session. Let’s talk about available dates, times, locations and your overall vision! I can’t wait to collaborate with you to make this an awesome experience for you! Once we’ve nailed down the specifics, I do ask that you pay the session fee within 5 days to secure the date on my calendar. See where it says 'CONTACT' above? Go ahead and click there to get the ball rolling! 


  • When and where do sessions take place?

I really prefer to shoot sessions about two hours before sunset. This is the time of day that photographers refer to as the “golden hour” and during that time we will find beautiful light. However, i also understand that sometimes it can be hard to have little ones cooperate at that time of day. If you don’t think this time of day will work for your family, I also offer early morning shoots (about 30 minutes or so after the sun rises) or any other time of day (just understand the light may not be optimal). In terms of locations, sessions can take place in so many different places! I have a ton of suggestions for places in the Nashville area and I’m always up for trying out new places, as well. So, if you have a location in mind, let’s talk about it! You can also choose to have an in-home session, these are great because they occur in your comfort zone!  I will likely ask for a tour when II first arrive to find the best lighting, I may move some things around and open some blinds to benefit the session.  Just relax, have fun and leave the rest to me!


  • What if we have to reschedule or cancel?

Life happens. Kids get sick, newborns don't sleep through the night, stress gets the best of you.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your shoot please call me as soon as possible. If after we reschedule there is another cancellation you will forfeit half of your session fee.


  • What do we wear?

The MOST common question I get is this one. I recommend everyone staying within the same color palate as one another, maybe wearing an accessory (scarf on mom in fall matching hat on daughter or son, shirt on dad matching pants on son, etc.)

I do have a Pinterest board that I've created with inspiration if you need help:

Also you can find a million other ideas by searching "Photo Session Outfits" or something similar on Pinterest. 



  • How long can we expect the session to last?

I'm never super concerned about sessions ending on the dot, I am very lax when it comes to taking photos, I very rarely check the clock. Typically with full sessions you can expect to be there about an hour to an hour and a half. With newborn sessions allow more time, newborns need to be fed more often, snuggled, and rocked to sleep for those oh so cute snoozing baby photos. Newborn sessions, allow 3-4 hours. Don't stress if the baby is not cooperating, I know how that is, we will figure it out. I chose to take newborn photos for a reason, I have a lot of patience when it comes to littles. My #1 rule is: don't stress. Things that help with littles:

-babies and children with full bellies tend to react best when being photographed (ever heard of the word 'hangry'? (Hungry and angry) I get that way...I know my kids do too!) Haha!  Don't hesitate to bring some snacks for them, take a break when you need it too!

-get the kiddos excited about it! If they go into it thinking they are going to have an awesome time, they likely will.

-I may need your help getting those smiles, tell me what their favorite song is, is there a TV show character I can bring up that may make them laugh (I know them all I think between my 6 year old and 1 year old), do they have a favorite word? My 1.5 year old thinks the word "green beans" is hilarious! Jump in behind me and don't hesitate to wave the hands and be silly with me in order to get those perfect smiles! Also, don't hesitate to laugh at me when I act super silly to get those smiles! 


  • Special info regarding newborns: I will send you a separate FAQ regarding newborn sessions upon booking. These will take place in your home if you would like a newborn lifestyle session as that is often times the most comfortable place for both them and new mom. I do not care how messy or cluttered your home is, I know exactly how that is. For newborn posed sessions I ask that you come to my home studio as it is where I store all of the necessary props. Please visit my Newborn Photography area for more details.
  • The best time to capture newborns is within 14 days of birth. They tend to sleep more in those first two weeks so that is the optimal time for newborn photos. Baby acne also tends to show up post-2 weeks so before then is a good time to get those photos in. I will supply everything needed for the shoot. I want there to be as little stress as possible for you.  Please contact me towards the end of your second trimester so we can set things in stone so as to ensure availability. I typically do these sessions in the morning, newborns tend to cooperate best in the early morning hours around 10am (because they have kept you up all night ;)). The sleepier the baby is the better! 
  • Newborn safety: There are certain poses that I will not attempt because they are unsafe. I may ask for your assistance in supporting baby in certain poses (Photoshop can help where supports are needed!). I am also up to date on all of my vaccines and I will move the shoot if I am feeling under the weather as I will not risk getting your precious cargo sick. 



  • So when do we get our pics?

I typically work fairly quickly on pictures, often times getting them out within a week to a week and a half. Please allow 2 weeks though as some weeks are busier than others. I spend time on each and every photo, every one of them are as important as the one before and after. 



If you have absolutely any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call or e-mail me. I want  this to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible for you and others involved in the shoot.